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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 19, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> bob: what is a misogynist? >> eric: we will talk about it another time. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching "the five." see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: there are claims of progress. we talk live with a member of the gang of six. it gets out of control with the "news of the world" phone hacking scandal. find out why nearly every suspect arrested in operation fast and furious is free. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i am bret baier. we're two weeks away from the august debt deadline according to the treasury department. while the house is expected to vote on the cut, cap and balance proposal this evening, there are bipartisan claims of progress, coming from the other chamber on capitol hill. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is live at the white house tonight with an update. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. progress comes from gang of
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six which was down from five before a new proposal encouraged republican member's return. with time running out on deficit and debt ceiling plan, president obama made surprise appearance to hail oklahoma senator tom coburn's return to bipartisan group known as the gang of six. which has a new deal to make spending cut with increased tax revenue which mr. obama insisted on. >> we now have a bipartisan group of senators that agree with the balanced approach. and we have the american people who agree with the balanced approach. >> reporter: draft of the agreement showed it would "slash the nation's deficit by $3.7 trillion or $3.# trillion over ten years." a trillion of that would come from the additional tax revenue. overaum tax rates would be lower and the alternative minimum tax would be killed. meanwhile, the house prepared to vote on the so-called "cut, cap and balance" plan, which the senate was unlikely to pass. and mr. obama vowed to veto. speaker boehner was
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undeterred. >> i'm not going to go out of my way to say or predict the senate can't pass this. there is nothing the senate can't do when they want to. >> reporter: the president's aides called "cut, cap and balance" political theater and president obama said it's the last diversion we have time for. >> we don't have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures and we don't have any more time to posture. it's time to get down to the business of actually solving the problem. >> reporter: there was more politics as the day progressed. the freshmen house republican marching in front of the white house to voice opposition to higher taxes. >> the president has asked to us eat the peas and eat the bitter pill, take our medicine. he is asking us to pick our poison. >> reporter: 235 house members and members of the senate claim to use any savings from the closed tax loopholes to reduce rate. late today, conrad said tomorrow the gang of six will ask the rest of the senate to support the deficit plan. >> the first test is how many of your colleagues stand up
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and say yes? this is a direction that deserves support. we saw very strong and positive reaction. >> reporter: senator conrad and coburn are still both unsure if there is time to get the gang of six plan through congress before the country borrowing authority expires august 2. senator conrad suggests things would go faster if there is broad support for the plan but house speaker john boehner says the plan still falls short. bret? >> bret: senator crapo one of the members of the gang of six will join us live in studio in a minute. wendell, thank you. stocks were up with the largest one-day jump so far this year. the dow added 20 # points. the s&p 500 gained 21. the nasdaq picked up nearly 61-1/2. home construction increased 14-1/2% in june. but experts say that is still only half as many homes needed for a healthy housing market. there were some unexpected fireworks in the much anticipated hearing before the british parliament in the "news of the world" phone hacking scandal. that is the now defunk newspaper owned by newspaper
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corp, parent company of fox news. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest. >> reporter: rupert murdock chairman and chief executive of news corp and son james murdock the chief operating officer faced the music today. after weeks of allegation of wrongdoing at one of the newspapers and arrests and resignation at the company and scotland yard, the murdocks appeared before committee of british parliament. >> the most humble day of my life. >> reporter: half hour in the testimony, protester hurled shaving cream at rupert murdock. his wife wendy fought back and saved the day. the man was taken away by authorities. earlier, they confirmed the voice mail were hacked by "news of the world." not just public victims but soldiers, victim of terror and victim of crime, including 13-year-old british girl dowler who was kidnapped and killed in 2002. >> i was absolutely shocked,
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appalled and ashamed when i heard about the case. only two weeks ago. >> murdock went on to reject report phone of 9/11 victims had been hacked. >> we have seen no evidence of that at all, and as far as we know the f.b.i. haven't either. if they do, we will treat it the same way we treat it here. i cannot believe it happened to anyone in america. >> both father and son said they were not aware of broad-based hacking or alleged bribery of police until recently. but are making changes. >> the action do not live up to standards that the company aspires to everywhere around the world. >> grilled by parliament, the news of the world one-time editor rebekah brooks. she left her position of the british news corp division following corruption allegation and today said she was unaware of wrongdoing. >> i never paid a policeman myself. i never knowingly sanctioned payment to police officer. >> still, the focus of today
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remains her former boss rupert murdock. asked whether he, too, should resign, he said others at the paper in question betrayed him and the company. >> [ inaudible ] i'm the best person to clean this up. >> according to the set van newspaper man rupert murdock, maybe one of the biggest sins in this is the betrayal of the readers' trust. one of the aims again in his words restoration of that trust. bret? >> bret: greg palkot live in london. greg, thank you. senior political analyst brit hume has analysis of this day and this scandal. good evening, brit. >> hi, bret. the word "scandal" classically refers not to wrongdoing itself but the uproar and outrage that occurs when wrongdoing is discovered. scandals can be extremely damaging. the longer they continue the worse the daniel. but there is a distinct pat attorney the episode. first the revelation, then the frenzied reaction and questions about how wrongspread the wrongdoing and how high up the
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responsibility. come apologies and resignation and attempts to make apends. the storm engulfing news corporation over phone hacking of private citizens bay racy british tabloid is only a few weeks old but the scandal cycle seems well advanced. the offend egg newspaper has been shut down. senior executives responsible for that unit of the company resigned. so have government officials implicated in the wrongdoing. extensive apologies made to victims, families and the public. the uproar seems to have reached the stage where it will start to subside unless there are fresh revelations of wrongdoing or knowledge of it. that is why the testimony before parliament by james a rupert murdock were closely watch and widely televised. the witnesses while humbled disclosed no inpropriety and the interrogators did not easy. the most noteworthy was the splattering of the elder murdock by shaving cream by a prankter where members of parliament found themselves apologizing to him. >> bret: what do you make of the coverage of all of this?
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>> you expect to be coverage in britain where rupert murdock is a large figure and has a large role in the nation's media. a little bit surprising is the extent of the coverage in the united states. it's been something that touched gleeful about it from some of our and our boss mr. murdock's competitors. unmistakable. >> thanks. the f.b.i. arrested 16 members of the hacking group anonymous today in a sweep that stretched across the country. agents issued 30 to 40 search warrants. the group has claimed responsibility for numerous cyber attack against government and corporate websites around the world. the a.t.f. gun running operation known as operation fast and furious resulted in nearly two dozen arrests. but most of the people arrested were released. almost immediately. correspondent william la jeunesse looks into why. >> hi. >> hi. i'm looking for mr. carille? >> what is it regarding? >> are you aware of the gun
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indictment, the indictment regarding purchase of fire arms? >> at the center of fast and furious, 20 defendants all accused of trafficking guns to mexico. >> we feel very strongly that we have completely dismantled if not significantly dismantled major firearms throughout the organization. >> but that is not ok rate. despite serious charges we found most of the suspects at home. >> my name is william la jeunesse, correspondent with fox news. is there anything you want to say to the people who have been harmed by the guns that you bought? >> no. >> reporter: out of the 20 indicted, only one went to jail. the rest were set free. most within hours of their arrest. >> it's pretty scary. you think that there are a lot of people probably are not going to get out. >> the operation sought to tear down arms trafficking
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network from top the bottom from the end user in mexico to transporter and buyers. in the end, all prosecutors got was a middleman and handful of strong buyers. >> the government want dramatic indictment. they want the conspiracy to sound like it's run by sophisticated individuals who are involved with a particula particularly nefarious organization. when the reality is the kids are out to make a couple bucks. >> manuel seles decosta worked out of the body shop from phoenix. what would happen is straws would guy the gun at the gun shop, bring them here and give them to him. >> the parents claim the sons were caught up with the wrong crowd. >> when i find out when they arrested him, he just said i'm
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sorry. >> these were bottom of the barrel and agents could have arrested them a year ago, after a dozen gun. not a thousand. the next congressional hearing is tuesday and focus will be on mexico. back to you. >> we asked the acting a.t.f. director to appear on "special report" as well. we'll continue to follow it. thank you. leaders in iran say the country is installing new and efficient centrifuges aimed to speed up the nuclear enrichment process. the move comes amid growing fears that tehran is moving toward weapons grade enriched uranium. after four rounds of the u.n. security council sanctions over the refusal to stop enrichment. reactors in japan are stable four months after the disaster. a cold shutdown of the plant is expected in january. authorities say radiation around the plant has shown decrease from the peak levels after the disaster. more than 22,000 people are either dead or still missing.
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from the earthquake and tsunami. >> we talk to a member of the gang of six on the debt crisis negotiations. but first, the changing balance for white house hopefuls in iowa. ahead of the ames straw poll. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> bret: in america's election headquarters tonight, some republican presidential hopefuls are starting to see their fortunes change. as public opinion shifts ahead of next month's ames iowa straw poll. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story. >> reporter: for republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty and the g.o.p. rivals, the straw poll in ames, iowa, 25 days from now is a make or break, they must get. >> i need your help in this race. >> reporter: a new iowa poll for conservative blog shows michele bachmann breaking away
3:16 pm
from the pack in iowa with 33%. the automateed survey for the first time shows pawlenty contending in a virtual tie for second at 13% with romney at 12%. every other poll shows pawlenty far back. bachmann is surging in every poll. but now faces questions about her health. she suffers recurring migraine headaches and has received medical clinic the capitol. she read a carefully prepared statement to address the issue today. >> i prescribe medication i take on occasion when the symptoms arise and they keep my migraines under control. but i'd like to be abundantly clear, my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commanderrer in chief. >> reporter: earlier, bachmann courted religious conservatives at the south carolina christian chamber of commerce. rick perry inches closer to joining the race and he spoke via satellite to another group of south carolina christian conservatives this morning.
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tonight in austin, perry meets with 50 major fundraisers and donors to make up the core of the money machine. if he wants to be on the straw poll blat in amess, they say he will be. and herman cain was third the poll a month ago but has lost ground in various controversial comments among other things attacking iran. blocking mosques in the u.s. and now mitt romney's more mom faith. >> when he ran the first time time -- [ inaudible ] it doesn't bother me. but i do know that bitters others. >> reporter: the romney campaign has chosen not to comment on mr. cain's remarks. romney still leads the polls but de-emphasizing iowa because of the surveys here. to try to head it off, romney has a teleconference call to 10,000 iowa republicans last night. this is the same campaign that he spent $10 million.
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>> bret: we just lost that satellite. carl cameron live in ames. we will be there in three weeks. chris christie met today with heavy hitters in new york who urged him to seek the 2012 presidential nomination. an attendee said christie indicated he appreciated what they had to say but reiterated his position that he has no plans to run. texas attorney general and officials from 20 other states filed a brief supporting the eighth circuit legal challenge to the federal healthcare law. the states are arguing that the mandate in the law for the constitution. a second dust storm in as many weeks rolled through the phoenix area monday evening. meteorologists say the wall was 3,000 feet high and created sustained winds of 30 miles per hour. gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. it's actually called a haboog there were no reported incidents -- or accidents.
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the storm began to clear in an hour. arrest that could make the u.s. -pakistan relations rockier. but first we get the latest to debt crisis back and forth from a gang member -- gap of six member, rather. senator mike crapo. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo
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>> bret: members of the so-called bipartisan gang of six today stood before a group of their fellow senators briefing them on the work they've done so far toward a debt deal. idaho senator mike crapo is one of them. he joins us here in studio. good evening, senator. >> good evening. >> bret: let's start first of all with a broad overview and the reaction to it on capitol hill today. >> we had a positive reaction. we had 50 senators probably equally divided among the
3:23 pm
republicans and democrats. overall, i would say it's much more positive than i expected. that is a good sign. the overview is this is a comprehensive that i say really a shift in the american fiscal policy dynamics. much broader than a debt ceiling battle we're having. we have haven't brought it out as the debt ceiling battle. this is an effort to deal with the debt crisis. we put everything on the table. which means we are looking at a 3-1/2 to $4.5 trillion bill which will be a very good first step but not even the only step we need to reduce our debt crisis. >> largely based on the bowles-simpson plan, the deficit debt commission. there are changes to that. but as you take a look at the tax reform for example, a couple of specifics. simplify it with eight to ten tax brackets. i suppose it will be nailed down. permanently repeal the a.m.t.,
3:24 pm
alternative minimum tax, $1.7 trillion. net tax relief, according to this writeup is $1.5 trillion. the corporate tax rate drops from 35% to 23-29%. it seems like you are restructuring the tax code overall. >> yes. this is probably the most powerful tax reform we have seen in decades, may longer than that even. and concept here is that you reform the code, broaden the base, reduce the rates, and by doing so very strongly stimulate growth of the economy. utilize the growth from the economic stimulation that occurs to provide the revenue for retiring the debt. and frankly, make america more competitive. >> bret: as you are aware, there are people talk about the question, america for tax
3:25 pm
reform said this. put out a release moments ago. the gang of six plan is not written in legislative language. it's outline. it deals in ranges, rather than specifics. one is reminded of the dangerous of saying one is satisfied with the product before it comes to focus. is this vague? >> no, is it is correct to say we create a two-step process. the first step is a straitjacket if you will, the first step is specific and real. we set the parameters for tax reform that must be met. we set the provision, parameter of reducing our discretionary and entitlement spending that must be met. then we allow the relevant committees that have jurisdiction to meet the targets. but we put together an enforcement mechanism that is so powerful, that i don't think there is any way anyone can realistically argue the targets will not be met. >> bret: what is the prospect -- let's say you get
3:26 pm
to 60 votes you need in the senate. it sounds like you are on your way there. what is the process of getting this through the house of representatives talking about not increasing taxes at all and has been firm? tonight we will vote on the "cut, cap and balance" bill. >> first, we have been working on this for six months and this is a proposal to work on the debt crisis. this may or may not be used to deal with the debt ceiling battle we are working on now. but i think the cut, cap and balance bill, i'm a cosponsor of should pass and i hope it does. and that this plan passes too. we will need several more plans to pass before we get out of the crisis. if we get 60 votes in the senate for this bill, i think that it will get a tremendous amount of momentum because of the powerful reform that it provides in our tax code. and the controls that it puts in place to make sure we stick to budgets in the future. >> bret: does the president help when he talks about the
3:27 pm
plan? >> we have to get everybody involved in and supportive. i would like the see us get this plan moved forward in the senate. and see where we can go from there. but like i say, once you put a plan out, you can't control who will step in and engage in the negotiation. >> last thing, on entitlement, does it deal with entitlement specifically? >> it does in the same way i talk about with regard to the tax code. that is that we put together about $500 billion of healthcare entitlement and controls or reduction in spending. the details of how to do that will be worked out by the relevant committee of jurisdiction. we have ironclad targets that will be met and enforcement mechanism that makes certain they are achieved to be adopted if the bill is passed in the first instance. >> bret: okay, senator crapo, thank you for the time. >> thank you. >> bret: look forward to update. >> my privilege. >> bret: your taxpayer dollars go to fund a risque study ahead in the grapevine.
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a nevada man is suing his state's department of motor vehicles saying his vanity lie sense plate selections were denied because they featured conservative political themes. the "las vegas sun" reports james lindler filed a claim
3:32 pm
that said the request of go palin was rejected does dmv said it was too political. according to the complaint administrative law judge overruled the dmv saying that political requests could not be denied. meanwhile, lindler says the dmv issued other politics related plates like go obama and al gore. lindler was issued go palin plate in december but they are reviewing the current policy. the federal government helped fund a study that examines the effects of the size of the male sex organ within the gay community. the study was among several backed by the national institute of health that a conservative group is now targeting as example of government waste. the study was one of many linked to a $900,000 grant in 2006. but it's unclear exactly how much federal funding went to the specific project. one of the receremoniers involved tells fox the n.i.h.
3:33 pm
funding was only used to help analyze and write up data that had already been collected without the use of taxpayer fund. finally, the newest addition of al-qaeda in yemen inspire magazine eulogizes usama bin laden. the cover story claims bin laden fought back with weapons in a vicious battle with the u.s. navy seals. abc news notes that contradicts the white house version of events where bin laden resisted the seals but was unarmed when he was killed. for years, the pakistani spy agency directed millions of dollars to a washington non-profit with hopes of influencing congress and the white house. this afternoon, a high profile pakistani man who lives and works in washington appeared in court. on charges of being an unregistered foreign agent. national correspondent steve centanni has details. >> reporter: there is no shortage of lobbyists in washington and nabifi was visible and energetic,
3:34 pm
promoting pakistan's views on kashmir. >> two million people reflect the true nature. >> but fai is under arrest accuse of of being unregistered foreign agent and made his first appearance in court. the f.b.i. carted evidence full of evidence away from the home in alexandria, virginia, and the office. fai told investigators he had no connection to a foreign government. as head of a lobbying group kazzed the cash mishian counsel, he alleged that the handlers funneled millions to promote the kashmiri cause to decision-makers in washington. justice department aft refers to a secret witness who "participated to obscure" origin of money transferred by the i si to fai to use as a lobbyist. the isi is pakistan's notorious intelligence agency. fai donated to candidates and members of congress. republican congressman dan burr top of indiana received $5,500 since 1997.
3:35 pm
in 2008, presidential candidate barack obama got $400 from fai's group. republican congressman joe pitts from pennsylvania got $500 also and said today it makes me feel used. i don't like getting used like that. the fai case doesn't help the relations strained after bin laden was found living inside pakistan. >> it will be difficult going forward. not a lot of support for continueed aid to pakistan. >> congresswoman had a bill yesterday to block aid to several countries including pakistan unless they cooperate to fight world terror. >> a second suspect accused of funneling money from i si to fai's organization is at large in pakistan. both are american citizens in washington, steve steve, fo --steve centanni, fox news. >> bret: is gang of six closing in on a break through for the debt crisis? we discuss it with the fox
3:36 pm
all-stars after the break. @=h
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we have a new significant this morning where half of the united states senate came, bipartisan way and said hey, it ain't perfect but this make sense as a way to move toward. >> i want to congratulate the gang of six for coming up with a plan that is balanced. we just received it. we haven't reviewed all the details. >> we were please to hear the recommendations but i don't have a chance to decide how i feel about it >> a lot of people reading fine print on plan from the gang of six. could be the gang of seven, eight, nine. more and more senators signing on to this plan. a quick look at it. is it based on the
3:40 pm
bowles-simpson plan. slashing $3.7 trillion at least in ten years, reduce publicly held debt by 70% by 2021, reduce marginal tax rate and apolish the a.m.t. and discretionary spending tax through 2015. those are a blue print. a trillion of the slashed money comes from the tax revenue, but the overall tax rate is lower and i mentioned the a.m.t. would be removed. what about this and where we are on the debt ceiling debate two weeks from tonight? panel, steve hayes, for "weekly standard." karen tomelte, "washington post." and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. karen? >> a few weeks ago if i recall correctly we were sitting around the table writing the epitath for the gang of sick. i think it exciting news and a sign that government can still work. face it, there are a lot of details to be worked out in
3:41 pm
the plan. a lot of the work would have to be done by individual legislative committees. they are given targets in plan. how they would get to the targets is still very much in question. finally, this is not a plan that deals with the debate that we're in the middle of right now, the debt ceiling. >> bret: that is what senator crapo said. >> so it does suggest that it's still possible even here in washington for democrats and republicans to sit down and agree on something, but it has a long way to go. >> bret: something tells me that steve hayes will say the plan is squishy. >> a lot squishy. with respect to karen, i don't think it demonstrates the government can work. this is the antithesis of how government should work. meet in closed room and don't give us details but six-page overview and tell us decisions are made later. i don't doubt genuine good will of mike crapo or tom coburn who is genuinely concerned, mark warner who is concerned about the problems of the country and thinks this
3:42 pm
is the best way to resolve them. but the fact of the matter is it doesn't address medicare in head on way and that is driving the debt more than anything. it touches social security and it has reforms but they're remaining vague. we don't anything in the plan other than framework which leads us back to where we were several weeks or months ago without much agreement and without the passage of anything like this passing the house. >> bret: so the fact that the president came out and spoke highly of it as the framework moves forward, what does it say about where it stands on negotiation on the debt ceiling increase? >> i think what is happening here is this is transforming from a battle between the republicans and democratst and the senate and house. those who are frozen out are the house republicans because you have the president, whether he is half endorsing the mcconnell-reid plan or giving sort of the tepid
3:43 pm
endorsement of the gang of six, signaling the direction he is going on, which is bipartisan agreement on something, whatever it is. which leaves the house republicans and those elected in 2010, out in cold. >> bret: charles? >> i think republicans are smart and they have not -- [ inaudible ] in the negotiation. they can use the report and the summer, the outline. it will be a step ahead. it's in two parts. the gang of six. the first part is enacted immediately. cuts half a trillion of spending which is good. two other provisions. i changes thest of living formula. which is needed. saves money over time. lastly, it actually eliminates one of the two entitlements in obamacare, the class act. the longer-term health part of it, which is completely outrageous. unaffordable and ruinous. so it's out. so that is real good stuff. the second half of this is the
3:44 pm
stuff that would be enact supposedly over six months. committee by committee. i agree, weak on medicare. the tax reform is good. it matches the debt commission recommendations. where the rate for the highest earners would go from where it is now to roughly where reagan had it in the 20s which is also a plus. what i recommend is for the republicans to adopt this. only raise the debt ceiling in return. half a trillion. for half a trillion in real cuts now in six months it will, the debt ceiling will run out this five or six months raising of only half a trillion. you revisit it and have negotiations on the second half. see if real cuts from the second part. >> the house is voting on the cut, cap and balance plan.
3:45 pm
it will happen this evening. the prospects for that in the senate are dim at best. charles mentioned one way but how dough do you die the gang of six with the debt creeling to do it before august 2? >> so much of this process ahead of us. i think the actual, the real world effects to-vote tonight are going to make a lot of people in the house feel good about themselves but this is not going anywhere in the senate. if it did, it would be vetoed by the president. even if it wasn't vetoed by the president, the balanceed budget amendment will never get 67 votes in the foreseeable future to pass the senate. this is symbolic exercise in the house but it will allow a lot of the particularly freshmen republican members to say well, you know, at least i put up my stand here. >> bret: is there a way to pass something that either raises taxes or tax revenues.
3:46 pm
or closes loopholes or and get it through the house? no matter what it is? >> there is an aspect to this gang of six plan i don't think we have talked about, which is in part, the way they structured it, they say it would allow economic growth. the revenue created by economic growth to count as part of the revenue. they talk about the tax revenue that is not necessarily raising taxes. it is perhaps just what the economy will do on its own. that may be, if, in fact, they can get it baked in the cake, it may make it more palatable, especially for some of the republicans. >> bret: similar to democrats saying don't cut benefit section of entitlements, but you can deal with the long-term viability of the program. similar. >> yeah, i think it's the same idea. i think the potential problem with what charles is suggesting, which may be the best option for the republicans right now, there is a question to whether it can actually pass the house.
3:47 pm
the smartest thing for minute minute minute and jordan, conservatives in the house is come up with something on their own after "cut, cap and balance" process and drive their demand and say this is what we can get through the house of representatives. >> bret: we'll follow it. next up, testimony in the "news of the world" hacking scandal.
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3:50 pm
i would just like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> this terrible thing happened op your watch. [ inaudible ] >> no. >> why not? >> i feel like people i trusted, i'm not saying who, but i know what level let me down and i think they behaved disgracefully and betrayed the
3:51 pm
company and me. they have to pay. i think thankly i'm the best person to clean this up. >> bret: rupert murdock chairman and chief executive officer of news corp and parent of this station and his son james murdock testified before parliament today. interesting ince comment two-and-a-half hours in the testimony. man, protester came up, hurled a plate apparently of shaving cream at rupert murdock. his wife wendy jumps up, and punchs the guy. apparently saving the day. you can see it in slo-mo here, wendy's reaction. parliament members at the committee apologized to the murdocks. what about this? the day's testimony and where we are in this scand? back with the panel. steve? >> i'd like to think if i were in that position my wife, too, would come leaping to my
3:52 pm
defense so eagerly. an interesting day. i don't think we learned that was devastating to the murdock or devastating to news corp. it moved the process along in a gradual way. what we have seen in the past several weeks. charges are serious. i think it is sort of the ultimate in breach of journalistic ethics to imagine hacking in to someone's voice mail or tapping in, in any way to the sensitive conversations. that said but one thing that struck me for the past several days and today in particular the overwhelming american media coverage of this scanda scandal. it has gotten the point it's absurd. the "new york times" today had by my eye had doubled the coverage of the murdock "news of the world" scandal than of the potential u.s. debt crisis. that has been a pattern we've
3:53 pm
seen at the "new york times." elsewhere as well. the question is when you are walking about priorities, what is the priority? this is in part because journalists either work for rupert murdock or they are his competitors. so people are out to get their pound of flesh right now and doing it in spades. >> bret: number of apologies today. james murdock apologized numerous time saying it's great regret for him and his family. and how sorry the company is. to not live up to standards. that said, do we have a sense, karen, where this is going from here? >> one of the things that was interesting to note was it was an american lawyer, joel klein, sitting over rupert murdock's shoulder there are actually some potential legal implications in this country. don't forget news corp is, in fact, based, legally incorporated in the united states. so there are some question whether the aed bribes might have triggered, you know,
3:54 pm
tripped the foreign corrupt practices act. >> bret: the f.b.i. is investigating. the attorney general apparently is going to meet with 9/11 victims on this very issue. >> news corp owns a lot of u.s. television stations in the past, for instance in the 1970s looked at the fitness of thely sen see deciding whether to renew licenses there are a number of other directions in this country this case could go. >> bret: do you really think it goes there? >> i don't know. the match has now been set to the gasoline. you don't know where they go. >> bret: charles? >> think it will depend hugely on whether the one report from one tabloid in england about the hacking of the 9/11 victims is a true story or not. it's unsourced, second hand, third hand i think and nobody yet produced evidence of it. if there is evidence of it,
3:55 pm
this is a major event. ed more murder did well defending themselves. they were on the defensive but nothing new emerged. suitably apologetic about the hacking, particularly the scandalous hacking of victims. i thought they looked rather sincere saying they were shocked and appalled by it and apologized. but it will hinge, it will cross the atlantic if there was hacking of 9/11 victims. i must say what was interesting to me was to compare this to an american inquisition in our congress, supposed to be republic not monarchy, they are way up on podium looking down on the defendant. there it look like a cafeteria discussion there were no sort of accusatory speeches like in congress. it was asking the questions and interesting contrast. >> bret: we continue to follow it here on fox.
3:56 pm
and on "special report." that's it for panel. stave tuned to see what could be the president's new sales pitch. ♪ [ doug ] i got to figure this out. i want to focus on innovation. but my data is doubling. my servers are maxed out. i need to think about something else when i run. [ male announcer ] with efficient i.t. solutions from dell,
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>> bret: finally tonight, washington politicians, of course, always try to stay on message. but, take a look at what one late night show thinks might have inspired the g.o.p.'s message. >> unless the president gets off of his absolute obsession with raising taxes. >> the obama's administration continued obsession with raising taxes. >> obsession to raise taxes. >> we need jobs in america and you are not going to get them as long as the president of the united states has this tax obsession. >> he is obsessed. that explains obama's new cologne taxes on calvin klein makes $200,000 a year. [ laughter ] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. th's


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